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Jim Harbaugh & David Turnley

A career first: experience Jim Harbaugh as author.

Coach Harbaugh delivers a powerful treatise on the 15 principles of leadership that guide Michigan football. Meritocracy. Discipline. Love of the game. The great thinkers, leaders and experiences that have shaped his views of the game and of life. Hold in your hands the timeless principles driving Michigan’s victories.

David Turnley captures the essence of Michigan football.

With unprecedented access, Pulitzer-prize winning photographer David Turnley presents the grit, the sweat, the exaltation behind the victories of a great organization. From 70,000 photos of Coach Harbaugh’s tenure at Michigan, David has selected 300 – brought to you in massive scale and breath-taking museum quality printing.


Jim Harbaugh

University of Michigan quarterback under Bo Schembechler. Pro football quarterback with the Chicago Bears and San Diego Chargers. Head Football Coach at Stanford University. Head coach with the San Francisco 49ers. NFC champion and Super Bowl contender.

He has now returned to his alma mater as the University of Michigan Head Football Coach.

David Turnley

Pulitzer Prize winning photographer, covered both Gulf Wars, Tiananmen Square, 9/11, the fall of the Berlin Wall; photographed extensively Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama. Two-time winner of the World Press Picture of the Year.

David has also returned to his alma mater as a University of Michigan associate professor of documentary photography.

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Enormous & Jaw-Dropping.

Literally, among the largest books you may have ever held. The Collector’s Edition opens to the width of a yard-stick. A 350-page, truly immersive experience. A scale to match the great legacy of Michigan football.


Made to last generations.

Unsurpassed quality in design, materials and craftsmanship. Coach Harbaugh’s return to Michigan is an epic moment in college football history. This book is its record. It will tell the story for lifetimes.

Traditional Dutch Smyth-sewn binding. The ultimate choice for durability.

Museum-quality, archival paper. Feel the heft of the individual sheet.

Custom dyed, cloth cover. Classic. Elegant. Timeless.

Stunningly vivid, two-tone ink process.


Follow along with a hand stitched captions book.

Every picture is referenced with names, places and contexts, revealing the background on the captured moment. The Captions book resides in its own protective pocket.

An epic gift for the ultimate Michigan fan.

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